Tuesday, May 30, 2017

What The Future Holds

From no where, to almost there. Two years ago the Roadrunners baseball team was brought back to LBCC. Head coach Ryan Gipson knew the pressure was on.

LB was able to work together and comprise a record of 30-12 this season and make it to the NWAC championship in Longview, Washington.

The team entered the playoffs with high hopes and one goal in mind: to win it all. Unfortunately, they were eliminated after the first two games against Walla Walla by a score of 10-3 and Tacoma by a score of 19- 8. Although unexpected, the team still had an amazing season to be proud of.

“It was a great season and we made huge strides as a team this year compared to last,” said Catcher Jack Bauer. “Team chemistry was outstanding and we all had the same mentality

towards winning. Although, we couldn't have gone out in a worse way at the tournament but that's baseball for ya.”

Some outgoing players were able to leave a legacy before going on to different paths.

“I feel that this group did something that was kind of unexpected. We were a really raw, young group that individually was very talented,” said outfielder Spencer DesPiens. “To win league the way we did was pretty special. Overall, this season was a big learning curve for all of us as we were all pretty different individuals that all had to sort of find our place where we fit together.”

Other players, such as freshman Tate Cowden, also thought it was a great season.

“As it was my first year of college baseball, I was fortunate enough to have it be with this outstanding group of guys. We all had the desire to get better and win, day in and day out,” said Cowden.

The players also believe the team can only progress moving forward.

"I think this group is going to be really tough to beat next year. They won't lose much from their starting lineup,” said DesPiens.

Other players agree that next year's team will be a freight train. “We have another very good recruiting class coming in next year,” said Cowden. “Therefore, my hopes are high. Making it back to Longview and winning the NWAC Championship will be very realistic for our team next year.”

Coach Gipson was a part of the 2006 NCAA World Series championship team at Oregon State. He is used to being on the winning side and brought that same mentality to LBCC when he became the head coach.

“With how abrupt the season ended I feel most for our sophomores,” said Gipson. “For our Freshman, the experience was invaluable, this freshman group will have another opportunity in Longview in 2018. Unfortunately, our sophomores won't have that opportunity. This group should be proud of their accomplishments. I'm proud of how they approached the game and how they've all grown as individuals in their own way.”

At a glance;

The second year LBCC baseball team made it to the 2017 NWAC championsips
They were eliminated after the first two games
Players plan to go back to the championships next year and win it all

Monday, May 22, 2017

Column; what is student leadership council, and why should you care

The student leadership council or SLC, is the student government on the LBCC Albany campus. The SLC is governed by elected students and is advised by the student activities coordinator Barb Horn.

The top three executive positions are; president, vice president, and two legislative affairs directors. Other positions are, event planners, volunteer coordinator, financial director, and executive assistants.

Members of the SLC fulfill a wide variety of tasks. Some of these tasks consist of planning student events, working with Oregon legislature at the state capital, and many other important things.

The reason students should care is because the things we do in the SLC effect everyone. Students have a say in what happens to their education and should use their voice more effectively.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Profile story Damon Peters

When it comes to stardom on a college baseball team you usually look to the older players. When it comes to LBCC baseball many look to a freshman player named Damon Peters.

“Damon Peters is a freshman player who works hard, and leads by example” Said LB headcoach Ryan Gipson. Gipson considers Peters to be a great player who will only get better over time.

From the moment he steps on his third base plate, you can see the passion pouring out of him, he is crouched over with his glove ready for every ball that comes his way. He cheers his pitcher on and is ready to go.

Damon Peters is a third baseman for the Linnbenton baseball team. He attended Hillsboro High School from 2012 until 2016 before he came to LB

Peters has been playing baseball since he was five years old, and states there's nothing he’d rather be doing then playing baseball for the Roadrunners. “If I was given a chance to take another path I wouldn’t. I feel like LB is the best fit for me, and I’m very happy that I made the decision to come here.” Said Peters.

“ I always loved playing any sport growing up, and baseball just came a bit more natural so I think that was why at first I enjoyed it more.”  Peters said, when asked about his passion for baseball.

For many high school athletic superstars, their journey ends after they graduate. For Peters his journey is just beginning. He plans to continue on to a four-year university after next year. “After LB I plan to go to a 4 year school and get my bachelor’s degree, but I’m not exactly sure in which field of study yet.” Said Peters

Friday, April 28, 2017

The Courtyard Cafe

The Courtyard Cafe, is a popular student led restaurant located on the LBCC campus. A majority of students come here for a quick, affordable, and tasty lunch.

From the moment you walk in the doors, you are instantly drawn to the amazing smells. You can see the pride the cooks take in the food they are making. “I feel that the courtyard offers students a fast, easy, and affordable option for dining on campus. The courtyard cafe contrasts well with the commons cafe, and Santiam restaurants more learning based menus, by offering consistent and familiar foods” said a Cafe customer.

Included in the menu are many meals, such as a honey mustard chicken sandwich, garden burger, chicken strips, and a daily special soup. Prices typically range between $4.50 to $7.50.

On top of being a great place for food, the cafe offers a great social setting for students to study and meet with friends. As well as an upbeat and intriguing work place.

“The Courtyard Cafe is a great place to work, I enjoy my coworkers and I like the opportunity to meet a lot of people from the college.” said Russian Winchester, a Cook at the Courtyard Cafe.

With all of  the different restaurants on campus one would wonder how the courtyard cafe could possibly compete. One big reason is that they are the only restaurant to stay open during the summer months. Considering the odds, they seem to do very well in maintaining business and up keeping revenue to stay afloat  and out of detrimental loss of such important aspects in  keeping a business successful.

At a glance

Courtyard Cafe
A student led restaurant, located on LBCC campus.

The Courtyard Cafe is a popular destination on the LBCC camps, a majority of students go here for a quick lunch.

Among the menu is many great meals such as,Chicken strips- french fries, Orange chicken bowl, Garden burger, Honey mustard chicken sandwich, and much more.

Rating: four out of five stars

Prices typically range from $4.50 to $7.50

You can find more info at the retaurants website http://linnbenton.edu/future-students/plan-your-days-at-college/dining-on-campus/courtyard-cafe

Monday, April 10, 2017

Active minds- Active change

                                                Active minds- Active change

 Active minds, a club at LBCC raising awareness about mental illness, and the effects it has on students. When you ask an average college student about their knowledge on the topic, you generally get a rather cliche or non-interactive response. When it comes to LBCC Vice-President- elect Justen Noll, he gives a response that raises awareness and may even inspire others to follow his lead.

Noll is a first year student, and on top of being the next SLC (student leadership council) Vice-President, he is also the president of Active Minds. Noll is currently studying practical business management and with his rigorous schedule, one would wonder how, or even better why he would even attempt to take it all on. Well Justen has the perfect answer, “Mental health is legitimate and isn’t taken as so in society. It easily has more of an impact on a person's well being than physical health, but our education system doesn’t teach it” said Noll.

 When asked what he thinks students should know about Active Minds, he said, “Active Minds provides resources and representation to students and that should be known”.

As someone who has lived with mental health conditions, Noll has no problem with giving up some of his time making a difference and raising awareness, in order to help others and keep anyone from feeling alone.

“Well I consider Noll a down to earth person & very thoughtful” said Areli Zapien-Solorio, an acquaintance of Noll. I also spoke with the SLC president, Eric Slayter. He had nothing but positive things to say “Noll is one of the most fired up student leaders I have met”. It is very clear that  Noll is a very admirable and inspiring person

 Active minds is currently working closely with the veterans club on campus, after the tragic death of a fellow student and veteran. They participated in  starting a memorial on campus and helped host a vigil on April 13th. Noll and Lisa Hoogesteger the clubs vice president, are currently working on the details for the future of the club and hope to expand in the fall. If you would like to get involved you can talk to Noll in the SLC building next to the hotshot cafe.

At a glance

  •  Active minds, a club on LBCC campus raising awareness about mental illness.
  • President: Justen Noll is the incoming SLC vice- president
  • Vice President: Lisa Hoogesl
  • Contact on the LB live app 
  • You can get more information on how to get help dealing with mental illness at  www.suicideorsurvive.ie/‎ 

What The Future Holds

From no where, to almost there. Two years ago the Roadrunners baseball team was brought back to LBCC. Head coach Ryan Gipson knew the p...